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Who we are

Our goal is to help you take that first step towards getting a new degree. We support your decision to better your life and enhance your knowledge. There is nothing stopping you! In fact, you’ll be joining the 19.9 million people who enroll in public and private colleges each year, according to National Center for Education Statistics.

There are so many exciting careers and College-Compass will help you navigate towards success. We offer links to the US Department of Labor so you can learn more about earning potential in a variety of fields. We recommend that you connect with the schools that interest you to find out about their degree programs and the supportive resources that they can offer.

As we grow, we will provide more content on how to achieve your degree while balancing life’s many challenges. Some of you may have just graduated high school but need to work part-time while going to school, others may be launching a whole new career and are seeking mentoring on how to pivot and become more marketable in an ever-changing job landscape. We look forward to supporting you on this journey so stay tuned for resources on tutoring, internships and finances.

It’s our pleasure to support you!

College-Compass Team